Monday, February 9, 2015

New Community Rules

I’m a big fan of the Community Rules from the 6th edition of GAMMA WORD, and have always been disappointed that D&D/d20/whatever hasn’t done a better job of creating rules and/or standards for cities and nations in their core rules.  For all its many (many!) failings, GW6 addressed this need very well, IMO, and I’d really like to see similar rules for other d20/OGL RPGs.

New Community Feat: Archaic Aquaculture

The community understands and uses basic fishing technologies and techniques. Fishing is small-scale and consists of small boats, small ponds, small traps and cages, or some combination of the three.
     Prerequisites: Large nearby body of water.
     Benefits: The community can catch enough fish/amphibians/waterfowl to sustain itself on an ongoing basis. This feat also increases the community’s Wealth bonus by +1, or 50 TU under the d20 Apocalypse bartering rules.
     Signs: Fishing boats and related equipment, i.e.: nets, traps, etc. All fishing is done using tools that are either human- or wind-powered.

New Community Philosophy: Provincialism

The community is indifferent (at best) or hostile (at worst) towards the way of life or mode of thought beyond its people and their shared culture and traditions. Its people will put their own perceived good ahead of that of all others, including their fellow countrymen/members of their race/religion/whatever.

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