Friday, December 26, 2014

The Great Eastern - the Last Victorian Leviathan

I came across this image (one of many, actually) of the Victorian leviathan steamship Great Eastern on Dark Roasted Blend this evening.  What sets this particular image apart is that it's an actual photograph of the ruined hull of the ship, and not just an illustration of it.

SS Great Eastern (Uncredited)

I don't want to take away from the awesomeness of the article, but apart from the terrific post-apocalyptic vibe of the photo, the ship's specifications are breathtaking, especially considering that it was constructed in 1858 - more than a half century before the Titanic was launched (unlike Titanic, Great Eastern was double-hulled, and survived a collision far worse than that which sunk the famous White Star liner).
  • Length: 207 meters (608 feet)
  • Beam (width): 25 meters (83 feet)
  • Crew: 418
  • Passengers: 4,000
  • Weight: 22,000 tons
Depending on the nature of the setting, a wreck like the Great Eastern could be a museum piece, a liner washed ashore during the cataclysm, a "ship of the damned," or even a long-lost shipwreck exposed due to radical climate and/or geographic upheaval as a result of the apocalypse.  In any case, the "how" isn't nearly as important as the "what."

Adventure Seeds

  • A tribe of water-breathing mutants are using a submerged shipwreck as a base to terrorize nearby settlements, but none of the victims are aware of their attackers' amphibious nature - or of the nearby wreck!
  • A massive storm blows through the area, beaching a long-lost wreck near a peaceful seaside or lakefront community.  The wreck was powered by a nuclear reactor that is now leaking - and various cryptic alliances are maneuvering to secure the wreck and/or its power source!
  • The adventurers stumble across a grounded ancient shipwreck and become trapped inside it with its hungry, mutant denizens!
  • Lost at sea, the adventurers come across a massive, floating wreck of a pleasure cruise ship.  The ship's malfunctioning AI is intent on keeping the party aboard to fulfill its entertainment directives - despite the fact that a massive storm that will sink the vessel is fast approaching!
  • A mysterious derelict vessel floats into view of a waterfront community; over the next several days locals begin to disappear.  A week later a scouting party from the community encounters and kills a hostile cyborg - and find that it's one of the missing townspeople!
  • Records unearthed by the Restorationists tell the tale of a vast trove of ancient weapons aboard the wreck of a great vessel that's fairly easily accessible - except for being several miles inside of hostile Knights of Genetic Purity/Ranks of the Fit/Friends of Entropy territory!

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